When the hail storm hit in April of this year, I was hoping against hope that I did not have any hail damage. I was convinced it would be a headache dealing with the insurance company and a roofing company. After talking to a few neighbors, I new I would need to get it checked out. Called a local place, they were busy and said they would get back, but never did. Talked to a neighbor who was using Trademark. My wife got a hold of Jon and he was there the next day. What was taking me weeks, my wife got done in less than 24 hours, but that’s a different story.

Jon was professional and up front. Explained the whole process, made my wife and I feel comfortable in a very nervous situation. You hear stories about work not getting completed and money exchanging hands, but jobs not getting done. He was there when the insurance adjuster showed up as well and on the first day of the job. He was always available for phone calls or to stop by.

I gave him the initial check so the company could get it signed by both my bank and the company servicing the loan. That is a very weird feeling, giving a few thousand dollar check you and your wife just endorsed to someone. When the bank and the loan company were giving conflicting stories, I called Jon, vented, he listened and assured me everything will work out fine. And it did.

Trademark did the job wonderfully and up to code. Unfortunately our local government is not very trustworthy and stated they do not enforce the code, State Farm, my insurance, heard this and stated they were not going to cover the cost of the code upgrade. I was livid with both the local government and State Farm. Jon and Trademark ate the cost of the upgrade. I will be shopping for new insurance.

Neighbors have asked and I always recommend Jon and Trademark. There are still people getting roofs put on and getting the shaft from other companies. But that was not the case for my family. What can be a nightmare for home-owners was as pleasant as can be thanks to Jon and Trademark.

If Jon is not your highest paid representative, he darn well should be. Pay the man!

Kevin Albers

Dear Adam,

We wanted to express how impressed we are with the time and effort that you put forth on our behalf to make sure the extent of our claim for the roof, gutter, and window damage was properly submitted and accepted by our insurance company.

The hailstorm recently had hit our area with a vengeance. It wasn’t until much late in the season that my neighbor had asked if we had any damage, and suggested we find you in the neighborhood and have you check our home for damage.

We were naturally skeptical of any company that makes you sign a contract assuring they get the business if they secure an insurance claim for you. Since Bill had been in the insurance business all his life we have always been sensitive to making sure any dealings were warranted before submitting a claim.

After you explained all of the damage we had, we called our insurance company to have them come investigate for themselves. You were right there side by side next to the claims adjuster. You have such a remarkably calm, professional, knowledgeable manner that does not come across as arrogant. When the insurance company only wanted to pay for a partial repair you took the time and initiative to contact GAF roofing company that we had used just three years ago for our new roof and they convinced our insurance company to pay for the complete re-roofing of our home. Also, you went to bat on replacing all gutters and sashes to the windows on the backside of our home that was worst hit.

After we started receiving money to get the work done, you became the “go to” person making sure the adjuster had all that we needed: roofing, gutters, window trim, and glass and submitting a claim for re-tinting of our glass windows. Also, you securing money for windows left off the original claim.
At first , my husband was calling our insurance company weekly to get answers to no avail. It really took the stress out of this ordeal that you were our advocate.

By the time the insurance company agreed to the replacements, winter was upon us, and you came over with the samples of materials for our home so we could pick out colors and have our job ready to go in the spring. Here again your patience and consideration of our time restraints made this easier…….. and that you also got our Architecture Committees’ approval and the permits took a load off of our shoulders.

One of our concerns when the roof and gutters were installed was to what kind of supervision the workman would have. Todd Hawkins, Production manager, was personable, professional, and paid attention to details as we would. He was on site the entire time. We felt good that you stopped by to see how things were going too. If we did have a question or an issue, it was attended to without argument and resolve immediately.

You kept us on task about materials and colors without us feeling pressured or rushed. That you did our footwork for us was greatly appreciated. We also felt that you were working on our behalf not just for a company to get more business.

You helped us make the best decisions and expedited getting this work done.

We have recommended you to everyone who asks us about the work that has been done by your company. We especially brag about YOU! Successful people know what it takes to get things accomplished……and Adam you have what it takes. Trademark should be very proud to have you.

Warmest regards,
Bill & Lynn Strout
Lake In The Hills, IL


Very professional. Their work was completed beyond our expectations with the painting of our stacks to match the roof. Jon Kooiman our Field Supervisor was always available to address any concerns or questions we had throughout the restoration process, and we would recommend them to anyone looking at having work done to the exterior of their homes.

Thank you,
Lee & Alice Conant

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to voice our strong approval for all that Adam Pospichil and Trademark Restoration have done for us over the last eight months.

Our house suffered hail damage from a freak summer storm. We were contacted by Adam and started to work with him and his company to evaluate the damage, and then to get our (reluctant) insurance company to pay for the repairs. It took a great deal of patience because the insurance company seemed to want to fight us every step of the way.

Through it all, Adam knew exactly what to do and was very professional and methodical in walking us and the insurance company through the process.

The result was that we now have a new roof, gutters, and downspouts as well as mostly new windows and the exterior is being painted.

I have happily recommended Adam too many of our neighbors and from what I can tell they are likewise satisfied with him.

There work was timely and professional, Adam always answered are calls and made sure if we had any questions made sure they were resolved immediately.

My wife Cathy and I would recommend Adam and Trademark without hesitation.

Dennis Coll

Trademark and those involved,

The crew and all of those involved were always able to talk and address our concerns. They cleaned up the yard including all nails along with making sure the details of the repair were addressed to our standards. We were very satisfied with the outcome of our home after, and during the restoration process.

Wayne Garven

To whom it may concern,

I was very satisfied with the way Trademark, and Mike Pierazec with the way they handled our insurance claim. From getting our house approved by the insurance claim and the knowledge they have when explaining the different materials offered to us. In all they did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone.

Rich Forshee


I was very impressed with Trademark and how they handled my claim from start to finish. The cleanup was very good and the follow up and coordination was extremely well completed.

Mary Joye

To whom it may concern,

Trademark and Production Manager Todd Hawkins were very professional in the way they handled my claim, and completed my job. The crew was very respectful and their attitude was always professional. I would recommend Trademark to anyone that is looking at getting their home restored after any event that may have happened at their homes.

Michael & Michelle Loveaux Attention: Dave, Adam, and Gary


Just a note to thank Trademark and especially our salesman, Joe Bradford, for the work recently completed at our restraint. We are 100% satisfied with the roof and all of the work Joe did to get the job done from day one until completion. Being in the service industry ourselves we respect and wanted to recognize Joe and your entire crew for a job well done.

Thank you again and we would highly recommend your company to anyone interested in your quality work and professionalism.

Pam & Bill Green
The Boondocks Restaurant & Bar

Dear Mr. Pospischil:

I extend my appreciation for the great work performed by Trademark Restoration on my home located at 1226 Applewhite Road in O’Fallon, IL. And I particularly thank and compliment Field Supervisor Jon Kooiman who managed the entire project.

Following the April 28, 2012 hail storm that hit O’Fallon, I immediately contacted my insurance company, USAA, and began the claim. I had extensive damage to the roof, siding, gutters and windows. Within two weeks of the storm, I was introduced to Jon Kooiman by a neighbor. The neighbor and I were both looking for a contractor to manage our repairs. We were both very impressed with Jon. We immediately found him to be very serious and dedicated, and very attentive to detail. Jon did a walk-through on my house, and he found damage that the insurance adjustor missed on his inspection of the house just a week before. Jon advised me of the process of working with Trademark Restoration for the repairs. After a very thorough review of Trademark Restoration by both me and my neighbor, we both agreed to sign with Trademark Restoration. We are certainly fortunate that we did so.

Within one month of the storm, repairs to the home were underway. Separate Trademark Restoration crews handled each phase of the repairs. Jon Kooiman kept me informed of all schedules for repairs and all details on the project. Jon was very often at the site when work was being performed, and he personally inspected the work after each phase was done. If any corrections were necessary, Jon arranged for crews to return. I was impressed with how Trademark Restoration crews worked. Each crew took safety seriously, and supervisors were on site and attentive to work that was being performed. The crews did thorough site cleanup at each phase. The crews were very respectful, polite and professional.

Through work supplements and dialogue with USAA, Jon received USAA approval for all necessary repairs to restore the house to pre-storm condition. USAA was very complimentary of Jon Kooiman and Trademark Restoration. USAA described Jon’s paperwork and supplements as “thorough and well documented.” And Jon maintained constant contact with me throughout the repairs.

Trademark Restoration and Jon Kooiman repaired the house superbly. Neither I nor my neighbor hesitated to refer other friends in the area to Trademark Restoration. And, I must admit, there were other neighbors who signed other contractors to their home repairs, and after much frustration with those contractors, only wished that they had signed Trademark Restoration.

Thank you for the outstanding work. And thank you for allowing Jon Kooiman to manage the repairs to my home. I will not hesitate to recommend Trademark Restoration to other friends still seeking repairs.

Bob Peranich