form-roofTrademark Restoration is an approved applicator of several polyurethane foam roofing systems. The polyurethane foam is sprayed onto the roof as a liquid and forms a single, seamless structure. Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) expands and dries within seconds after application. The foam roofing requires the installation of coatings; typically elastomeric or acrylic coatings are applied. The coatings protect the sprayed polyurethane foam from exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays.

The foam structure consists of millions of closed cells, thus allowing the foam to withstand water absorption. The foam can be applied at various thicknesses creating, when necessary or required, a completely tapered roof assembly. In recover applications, additional foam can be applied at “low” roof areas, minimizing ponding water, and reducing the weight load due to the standing water.

Sprayed polyurethane foam provides an R-Value of approximately 6.25 per one inch installed. The overall insulating factors produce energy savings of +/- 30% a year when compared to the alternative roofing systems. Over time, the cost of the installation of the polyurethane foam roof can pay for itself.

Because foam is flexible, seamless, and spray-applied, it is perfect for irregularly shaped roofs, rooftop penetrations, and substandard pitches.

coooPolyurethane foam typically weighs around 45-50 lbs per square, potentially eliminating the need the need to remove a previously installed roofing system. Keep in mind, however, that the application of the polyurethane roof is dependent upon the quality of installation of the original roof assembly.

The initial application of the polyurethane foam roof assembly is extremely important. The polyurethane foam insulation provides the foundation for unlimited years of waterproofing capabilities. The design of the system allows you to simply re-coat for decades without the need to completely re-roof your building. The polyurethane foam can last indefinitely provided it is kept protected (with coating) from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.