When the hail storm hit in April of this year, I was hoping against hope that I did not have any hail damage. I was convinced it would be a headache dealing with the insurance company and a roofing company. After talking to a few neighbors, I new I would need to get it checked out. Called a local place, they were busy and said they would get back, but never did. Talked to a neighbor who was using Trademark. My wife got a hold of Jon and he was there the next day. What was taking me weeks, my wife got done in less than 24 hours, but that’s a different story.

Jon was professional and up front. Explained the whole process, made my wife and I feel comfortable in a very nervous situation. You hear stories about work not getting completed and money exchanging hands, but jobs not getting done. He was there when the insurance adjuster showed up as well and on the first day of the job. He was always available for phone calls or to stop by.

I gave him the initial check so the company could get it signed by both my bank and the company servicing the loan. That is a very weird feeling, giving a few thousand dollar check you and your wife just endorsed to someone. When the bank and the loan company were giving conflicting stories, I called Jon, vented, he listened and assured me everything will work out fine. And it did.

Trademark did the job wonderfully and up to code. Unfortunately our local government is not very trustworthy and stated they do not enforce the code, State Farm, my insurance, heard this and stated they were not going to cover the cost of the code upgrade. I was livid with both the local government and State Farm. Jon and Trademark ate the cost of the upgrade. I will be shopping for new insurance.

Neighbors have asked and I always recommend Jon and Trademark. There are still people getting roofs put on and getting the shaft from other companies. But that was not the case for my family. What can be a nightmare for home-owners was as pleasant as can be thanks to Jon and Trademark.

If Jon is not your highest paid representative, he darn well should be. Pay the man!

Kevin Albers